With Easy Select System
and the extra sewing
advantage: IDT System!

Absolutely even fabric feed from both
the top and bottom.
Choosing the PFAFF® Select 3.2 means choosing
that extra sewing advantage that millions of
sewing enthusiasts worldwide endorse: Original
IDT™ System (integrated dual feed). Absolutely
even fabric feed from both the top and bottom.
The Original IDT™ System guarantees perfect
fabric feed and perfect seams – with any fabric.
Choosing stitches couldn’t be easier!
The Easy Select System from PFAFF® makes it so
easy to choose any stitch you want. Simply press
a button and start sewing!  Everything is clearly shown,
with large, easy-to-use buttons featured on all
three models.

 Stitches at a glance!
stitches description benefit

  1. 1.Buttonhole Buttonhole for blouses, shirts and linen.
    2.Straight stitch For seams and topstitching. Many needle positions available for edge stitching or sewing in zippers.
    3.Stretch triple straight stitch For reinforced seams like those in trouser legs, underarm seams or decorative topstitching. Adjustable needle positions.
    4.Zigzag stitch For finishing seams, applique, inserting lace, couching over cord and creating eyelets.
    5.Stretch triple zigzag stitch Elastic stitch for decorative hems and topstitching.
    6.Three-step zigzag stitch Strong stitch for finishing seams, sewing elastic, darning tears and applying patches.
    7.Honeycomb stitch Elastic, decorative stitch for ornamental hem finishing on stretch fabric, for decorative elastic application and sewing with elastic thread in the bobbin.
    8.Elastic blind stitch For securing hems invisibly and finishing the edges on stretch fabrics.
    9.Blind stitch For securing hems invisibly on woven fabrics.
    10.Overlock stitch Seam and overcast stretch fabrics in one step.
    11.Greek stitch, wide Decorative stretch stitch used for decorating woven or knit fabrics. Also great as a crazy quilt stitch.
    12.Closed overlock stitch Seam and overcast stretch fabrics in one step. The closed seam prevents fabric edges from fraying.
    13.Foundation elastic stitch For joining overlapped seams on bulky fabrics like leather and terrycloth.
    14.Coverstitch For sewing over narrow cord for a smocked look.
    15.Cross hem stitch Provides a highly elastic decorative seam for hems on sportswear and casual wear.
  2. 16. Plus 12 decorative stitches

All the Features at a glance

  • -A PFAFF® Original: Simple selection of stitches with the “Easy Select System”. Simply press and sew.
    -With 27 stitches-The right stitch for every sewing project, including decorative stitches!
    -Free-motion sewing position! For all your stippling, free-motion and darning needs.
    -Constant needle piercing power even when you sew slow, with thick fabrics or through several layers of fabric.
    -High presser foot clearance! Extra-high foot li for easier handling of multiple layers of thick or bulky fabrics.
    -Variable stitch width up to 5.5mm and stitch length up to 6.0mm.
    -Perfect buttonholes – Easy to do and in any length!
    -Sew on buttons quickly with your Select sewing machine!
    -Sew in reverse to secure your seam.
    -Extra-slim free arm for working on tubular items like cuff s, trouser legs, necklines and more.
    -Adjustable needle positions for perfect topstitching.
    -Bobbin winding through the needle is so easy! No need to rethread.
    -Winding stops as soon as the bobbin is full.
    -Thread cutter is easily accessible on the side of your Select sewing machine.
    -“Snap on” – Change presser feet and needle plates quickly – simply snap on and off !
    -Two spool pins – The main spool pin will tilt up so that you can easily slide on your thread. The extra spool pin is available for sewing with the twin needle.
    -Illuminated sewing area – the LED light is placed to illuminate your sewing projects properly and make sewing easy on your eyes.
    -Plenty of accessories! Standard Presser Foot, Edge Guide/Quilting Guide, Clearview Foot, Blind Hem Foot, Zipper Foot, Buttonhole Foot, seam ripper, needle box.
    -Removable accessory tray – keep all of your Select accessories handy.
    -Hard cover! Protects your Select sewing machine when transporting it and keeps it dust free.
    -The Original IDT™ System! Integrated Dual Feed only from PFAFF® for over 40 years! Absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and the bottom.


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