Open Toe Free-Motion Foot


The Open Toe Free-Motion Foot is excellent for wonderful freemotion sewing and quilting. This foot has an extra-large opening cut out in the front to give you an optimal view of your freemotion sewing and quilting. The Open Toe Sensormatic Free-motion foot is used for stippling and free-motion embroidery. The foot allows for greater visibility as the opening in front of the foot gives you an optimal view of your free-motion sewing and quilting. The open front and transparency of the foot with both vertical and horizontal markings, allows you to easily do stippling or follow a design on the fabric.


part #820988096


Stabilizer: Fabric dependant

Recommended Tension: 5-6

Lower/Disengage Feed-dog

To fit machines: K (What’s this?)

PFAFF Foot: Open Toe Free-Motion


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