The creative icon will not only prove to be an Icon over time but is the pinnacle of sewing excellence right now and has the awards to prove it.


Multi-Touch, Tablet-Like Screen

Our supersized, interactive tablet display, with customisable interface and the largest screen in the market, allows even more creativity. The screen is 68% bigger than before and works like a smart phone or tablet. Swipe, zoom, pinch and personalize on the brand’s largest, most customizable and intuitive 10.1in (257mm) full-colour display.


Smart, Computerized Interface

A brand new, specially designed Graphical User Interface, loaded with features never seen before on a sewing and embroidery machine that includes Help Centre, User’s Guide and Getting

Started to support and inspire sewists.


Shared Sewing Knowledge

Our Help Centre features more than 100 animated or illustrated interactive on-screen, step-by-step guides for reference and efficiency in support of countless projects.



With three patents, this revolutionary technology delivers precise, gorgeous embroidery even when using challenging novelty threads like metallic.  Sensors measure the fabric thickness to regulate

the amount of thread needed to achieve perfect balance between the needle and bobbin threads.  Results are perfect on both sides of the fabric.


Largest Embroidery Area

Largest included, optional embroidery area at 14.11in x 10.2in (360mm x 260mm). Embroider up to 14.11in x 13.78in (360mm x 350mm) using the optional Grand Dream Hoop.


30% Larger Bobbin

Now you can stitch your projects with less interruptions.


Telescopic Thread Guide

Use a wide variety of thread spools or cones with perfect results with the telescopic thread guide and reworked thread paths.

Multiple USB ports Two USB ports allow for more versatility for

transferring Designs and Updates.

Accessories Included

12 different presser feet for all of your basic needs.  Two large stitch plates: standard plate features seam markings to the left and right of the needle; straight stitch plate with single hole for more precision and control.


Straight Stitch Needle Plate with Sensor

When the straight stitch plate is attached the machine is automatically set to straight stitch mode, preventing damage to the needle and the plate.


Built-In Accessory Tray

Rubberized accessory tray with custom compartments for all included accessories makes all accessories stay in place for nice and tidy look. There is even room for more accessories.


Separate Bobbin Winding Motor

You can easily wind a bobbin while sewing or embroidering, without having to unthread the needle.


Top and Bobbin Thread Sensors

Alerts you when bobbin or needle thread is low or breaks.


Thread Snips

Automatically cut top and bobbin threads, pulling thread ends to the back side of fabric.


Jam Proof Rotary Hook

No threads caught in bobbin area.


Embroidery Carrying Case Included

To carry and protect your embroidery unit.


Updatable Firmware

Automatically update machine firmware via WiFi and MySewnet





Enhanced Fabric Feed

With 8 feeding segments, the most in the market, it delivers exceptional feeding for professional results. More teeth have been added to the feed dogs for a better grip while additional feed dogs

have been added in front of the needle for more control.

Floating Stitches

With the exclusive stitch technique you can create embellishments to your project with stitches that looks like they are floating on top of the fabric with no connection stitches in between them, giving a unique hand stitched effect.


Radiant Stitches

Sew decorative stitches along a curved line with ease Radiant stitches spread out equally along any curve.


Lace Edge Stitches

Create delicate lace edges with thread without having to go into embroidery mode.


Triple, Double, and Single Ribbon Stitches

Add dimensional elements to your decorative stitching with beautiful ribbon stitches. With this patented technique, narrow ribbons and trims are braided into these special stitches as you sew. New triple ribbon stitches are exclusive to the creative icon™ sewing and embroidery machine.


Stacking Stitches

Sew beautiful decorative stitches in two colours.  The stacking stitches consist of pairs of stitches that are designed to be sewn on top of each other.


Enhanced Stitch CreatorFeature

Create new 9mm stitches or edit built-in stitches for unlimited creativity.


Stitch Repeat

In Stitch Repeat you’ll find two options called: Patchwork Program and Single Stitch Program.  Sew your seam and the PFAFF® creative icon™ sewing and embroidery machine will remember

the seam length to repeat over and over. Or set the exact number of stitch or sequence repeats you wish to sew.


Over 800 Stitches

In addition to our specialty stitches, you get a wide variety of stitches including 9mm decorative stitches and Maxi Stitches up to 52mm wide.


Tapering on Decorative Stitches

Taper at the beginning and/or at the end of any stitch. Change the angle of taper for unlimited creative opportunities. You can even embroider wonderful tapers in the hoop.


Enhanced Electronic Knee-Lift

The enhanced ergonimic design raises the presser foot with comfort and an easy movement, allowing you to keep your hands on your project.


Free-motion Modes

Choose between 2 modes for free-motion quilting, thread painting or darning.


Stitch Width Safety

Limits stitch width to center needle straight stitch to prevent needle breakage while using a straight stitch foot.


Sew with Embroidery Unit On

Easily convert from embroidery mode to sewing mode; no need to remove the embroidery unit.


Stitch Positioning

Moves complete stitch right or left to easily align decorative stitches.


Stitch Density

Density can be increased or decreased without affecting stitch length by controlling the distance between the stitch points.


Automatic Presser Foot Lift

Raises the presser foot instantly when the needle is set to stop down and/or at the end of a seam after a thread snip.


6 Built-In Sewing Fonts

6 fonts for combining in Sequencing plus another 2 for monogramming make personalizing your projects easy.

Sensormatic Buttonhole

In one step, buttonhole columns are sewn in the same direction for precise stitch quality.


Mirror Image of Stitches

Flip the stitch side to side and/or end to end for even more creative possibilities.


Twin Needle Program

Enter twin needle size to automatically adjust the stitch width. See the twin needle stitch on the screen.


Stitch Restart

Return to the beginning of a stitch or sequence without having to reset any special settings you’ve made.


Needle Up/Down

Set needle to stop up or down in the fabric for pivoting, appliqué and more.



Sew without the foot control; makes sewing long seams, free-motion and embroidery easy.



Embroidery Features


Enhanced Shape CreatorFeature

The enhanced Shape Creator™ combines decorative stitches or design elements instantly and more precisely to create truly unique borders and designs.


Appliqué Creator

Choose from over 20 different shapes and 20 appliqué specific stitch options or use any stitch already on the machine.


More Than 800 Embroidery Designs

A variety of specialty technique built-in embroidery designs are grouped into different categories.

Precise Positioning Feature

Place every embroidery design exactly where you want it. Easily match multiple hoopings to create embroideries of unlimited size.


Embroidery Stitch Out Overview

Review your embroidery settings and make desired changes before entering Stitch Out.


Faster Embroidery Speed

Up to 1050 stitches per minute with optimum results.


Cut Jump Stitches

Cuts embroidery jump stitches automatically, pulling threads to the back side.


Auto Save

creative icon™ is set to periodically save the embroidery stitch number and position while embroidering. This makes it easy to come back to exactly where you left off if you need to stop in the

middle of embroidering or if the power goes out.


8 Built-In Embroidery Fonts

All fonts are available in multiple sizes including upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols.


Embroider Any Sewing Stitch

Sew any stich in the embroidery hoop for perfect results and to create unique embroidery designs.


Undo/Redo in Embroidery Edit

To assist you when editing your embroidery.


Hoop Positions

Move the hoop to four constant positions: Current Stitch, Park, Center, and Trim.


3 Embroidery Hoops Included:

creative™ 120 Square Hoop (120×120), creative™ Elite Hoop (260×200), creative™ Supreme Hoop (360×260).


QuickFont Program Included

Use your computer and QuickFont Program to create embroidery fonts from any TrueType® font.

Download for free at


Program for Viewing and Organizing Designs

Organize design files saved on your computer, turn designs into image files, print catalogs and more at


creative signature™ Embroidery Programs


Mirror – Flip designs side to side and/or end to end.

Rotate – Rotate by 1º increments for precise adjustments.

Resize – Enlarge or reduce designs, stitch count is automatically recalculated.

Scale – Enlarge or reduce designs without changing the stitch count.

Multi-Select and Grouping – Select one or many designs for editing.

Colour Edit – Change thread colours of the design directly on screen.

Monochrome – Stitch any design in a single colour without colour stops.

Baste in the Hoop – Baste fabric to a stabilizer that is already hooped. Also great for velvet fabric with pile or other fabrics that you do not wish to hoop. Two options; baste around the whole hoop or just baste around your design.

Colour Block Sort – Group like colour blocks together for easy thread handling in embroidery stitch-out.

Colour Block Merge – Select to eliminate stops between identical thread colours for quicker embroidery.

Change Stitch-Out Order – Rearrange the order of colours to stitch out to your liking.

PFAFF Creative Icon


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