rasant-logo Amman Rasant Thread 1000m

Polyester/cotton core spun

Size M120 on 1000mt on “XW” mini-spools.
Available in 300 Colours.

  • the traditional core spun thread

  • robust in sewing

  • approved in many applications

  • for closing and topstitch seams

  • for matt embroidery

Please use the Thread chart images to assist in colour selection.

Note: System erroneously shows all colours in stock. Availability will depend on colour, please contact us for Accurate availability and shipping times. Non stock colours are Miniumum purchase Qty 3each

The colours permanently in stock are: Black and white 13,23,42,56,82,107,136,140,247,263,326,411,413,415,420,471,475,602,603,750,800,828,831,869,875,876,961,978,1060,1069,1090,1098,1099,1111,1130,1183,1185,1317,1333,1351,1352,1377,1453,1459,1605,1608,1610,1612.1628,1751,1912,2052,2427,2706,2900,3000,3040,3231,3333,3351,3465,3502,3503,3555,3600,3640,3644,5095,X0671,X2260,X2500. All other colours minimum qty order of 3 each colour.

Amman Rasant Thread 1000m